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 1. FULL SERVICES (equipment, finish line & tabulations)   

$250.00 plus $1.30 per timed finisher. 

 2.  FULL SERVICES EVENT WITH TWO DISTANCES (ie, 5K and 10K) - $450.00 plus $1.30 per timed finisher. 

 3. TIMING EQUIPMENT – Rental only (clock and 2 handheld timers) - $250.00.  *NOTE:  A Savannah Strider member must be available to accompany the equipment. 

 4.      TIMING EQUIPMENT & FINISH LINE EQUIPMENT (cones, stanchions, cards, and flags)

$400.00.  *NOTE:  A Savannah Strider member must be available to accompany the 


*Miscellaneous equipment rental fees shall be at the discretion of the Board of Directors (Tables, Drink Coolers, Cones)

Equipment-Only Renters (Electronic & Timing Devices) Shall sign an agreement to be responsible for equipment.  If any equipment is damaged or lost when in their possession, they shall pay for repair or replacement of said equipment.  A strider member should accompany rental equipment.
An official representative of an event shall request services to the board of directors at least one month prior to event (Contact Us).
The Board of Directors has the option to adjust race service fees to promote a running event.

Request for Donated Services

1.  Any and all request for use of the club's equipment and / or services require payment per our current fee schedule; or

2.  For each new Savannah Strider member provided by the requesting entity, a $25.00 credit (membership for 1 year) will be given against our standard fee for the requested service.

3.  Exceptions to this policy can be made by approval of the Savannah Striders' Board of Directors if in their judgement the use of equipment and / or services would be considered as an exchange for services between the Savannah Striders and the requesting entity.